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Here you can see a 60 years old woman who knows and accepts how old she is. But she had before just a bit of dark circles and deep wrinkles which are called marionette lines. Both has made her tired and sad looking. This was the only thing that we have changed. And as you can see…she is looking fresh and more happy even if she is agree with her 60’s

This man has 55 years and he is proud of it. But he had some eyebags which made him look very tired. That was the only thing disturbing him. So we helped him without a surgery and without changing his face of the age.

This woman is in her 70s and she doesn’t want to hide. But also here was the problem of sad and tired looking which she didn’t really like. So we took this away with small treatments without changing her face and let her enjoy her 70 years look. She is happy.

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