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The story behind the “Own Your Age” campaign.

This campaign is exclusively performed by and at Clínicas IMEBA®. Keeping the naturalness has always been one of our top goals here at Clínicas IMEBA®. We have never changed a face, only improved it. Many clients, no matter if women or men, wish to look some years younger. That’s a legitimate concern, and everybody should be allowed to decide it for themselves.

If for example we have a client who wants disproportionately big lips that don’t resemble natural lips anymore, we refuse to do the treatment and kindly ask the client to look for another clinic to do so. Most of the

oher clinics do everything for money. We don’t. We are not sellers. We advise and treat. But we always do this from an aesthetic perspective. We are a clinic for aestehtic medicine. The word “aesthetic” is already included.

The “Own Your Age” Campaign is meant exactly for those who want to stick with their age 100% and don’t necessarily feel the need to look a few years younger. This means, the people who don’t think that “the 60s are the new 40s”. But not wanting to look younger doesn’t mean not wanting to look fresh. Age-appropriate, but fresher and healthier. For example less tired or sad, or simply with less wrinkles but without a lifting or rejuvenation.

And the new campaign “Own Your Age” by Clínicas IMEBA® is exactly for these people. We created this campaign to help exactly those people to have the feeling that they can go to a medical aesthetics clinic without the fear of an artificial or unnatural look, and that they can do a treatment to make the face look fresher, less tired, and less sad. A beautician can do the same… but obviously only for a short moment. Generally it is possible to achieve this wish with as little as two visits per year to our clinic. Sticking with your age… but in a fresh, healthy and vital way. And here we include both women and men. Naturalness and an age-appropriate look. Not looking artificial or unnatural, and also not necessarily years younger. But still vital and attractive.

This is the “Own Your Age” campaign. And to show you that we are very serious about this campaign, there is one clear rule: the requirement is a free consultation. There can neither be a price list, nor can there be a standard treatment. Because everyone is individual. And that’s good. The free consultation is done without any compromise and generally takes 30 minutes. If it’s worth it for you, call us now with the catchphrase “Own Your Age” at the phone number (+34) 971 102 103 or click here, fill in our form and we will get in contact with you immediately.

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“Own Your Age”